Ab | art

The exhibition "Ab|art" took place in July 2014 at Mohr-Villa Munich. This final exhibition of the course of studies "Kunst und Multimedia" ("Arts and multimedia") showed a wide variety of the student's projects and artworks. There were interactive light- and roominstallations, comics, illustration, design and animated movies.

My project was a about creating the brand "Tigalina". Also, it involves an object with a huge industry that surrounds us every day: clothing. But it's not about clothing in it's meaning of an everyday object. It's about design and presenting a particular lifestyle. The project contains an online shop with my own designed t-shirts, coming along with an online portfolio of my artworks. You can read more about this project here.

I also took part in making the design of the exhibition catalogue. View more about the catalogue here.

The pictures of the exhibition were taken by Benedikt Raiser. All rights are reserved by the respective artist (as named below the picture in the lightbox-view).

For more information about the different projects view the exhibition webpage by clicking the button below.